Aaron & Erica + 2

I remember the moment shortly after my son was born when I realized how different my life would forever be. We had been at home for a couple of days, I had a touch of the "baby blues," and darn-it! I couldn't run and take refuge at Target when I wanted to get out of the house!!!  They (whoever 'they' are) say while you're pregnant that "your whole life is about to change!!" And, I knew that was true, but I had no idea how different it was going to be until I experienced the change myself. I have been around a lot of babies, so I felt a little more ready.  It was a huge change, and that was only with ONE baby.

Aaron and Erica welcomed TWO little babies into their family a little over weeks ago.  As I am a newbie photographer, I reached out to her and asked if I could document their new life at home, as a family of four.  She kindly accepted. Erica and I were friends and fellow cheerleaders in high school (SMHS, what UP?!!).  She went on to become a successful hair stylist, married her high school sweetheart, trained hard as a fitness competitor, and never left good ol' North County.  When she announced she was expecting, she kept all of us facebook-stalkers in the know by documenting her pregnancy in one of the most beautiful ways I have seen.  She shared her weight gains, her measurements, and even posted pics of her bare belly. And all along the way, I felt like I was there with her. Basically, she rocks. She has embraced motherhood fully and I felt honored to witness just a glimpse of it.

Aaron & Erica - thanks a MILLION for allowing me into your home to document your sweet little family (Hi Jameson and Chloe!!).  I am so grateful for your openness and trust.  I hope you enjoy these pictures of your new, full, life.  It is a beautiful one!  - MANY thanks, Christina

Jameson only has eyes for his mama!
Love that sweet little hand saying hello!

I love these two photos of Aaron above. Especially that sweet little smile he has on his face when looking at his daughter.