Happy Monday!

“Okay Monday, bring it!” I thought last night, as I cuddled under the blankets in my bed.  I should have known not to challenge Monday.  Monday brought it.

Warning: a pity party will ensue.

Monday brought me very little sleep, thanks to my boy who woke up crying last night.  And it wasn’t his normal cry, it was a sad cry, like he was in pain or scared. I’m used to being woken up, but he had a really hard time going back to sleep in his crib. Poor guy.

I’m a multi-tasker, and on my way to work, I was doing my usual routine: driving, drinking coffee, and eating my breakfast. I know what you’re thinking. Not only did I spill coffee, but also oatmeal on my cute new dress.  In my crotchal-region (I know, I just made that word up). Luckily, I was able to wash it off with a little water, so you can’t really tell unless you’re looking.

And you all know how work goes on a Monday.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just your typical work frustrations.  I just am running on less patience to deal with said frustrations.

Okay, I’m a whiner. I know I don’t have it bad AT ALL. I’m hoping this little rant will be the kick-in-the-pants I need to turn my attitude around.