The Telfer's

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! First, let me say THANK YOU so much for reading my first post, and for the outpouring of support. You all are awesome! And second.....

Meet the Telfer's! I've taken family portraits of Jake & Sharrah's family for the past few years.  It is always fun to look back through those pictures and see how much their family has changed (and how much my photography has improved!! you guys were too nice to me) They are a dream to photograph.  They are really comfortable in front of the camera (it helps that we're related :)), and they play together.  Its really sweet to watch.

Jake and Sharrah - Thank you SO very much for your support throughout the years.  Seeing pictures I took hung up on your walls and displayed in your house makes me more grateful than you'll ever know! I hope you love these pictures of your sweet family as much as I do.  Love you guys! - Christina

It's safe to say Silas is a ham.  You can't really tell, but in the photo above he was shakin' his little hips and had us all cracking up!

Sweet little Skylar! Her piggies kill me!
I adore this picture.
I love watching parents getting on their kids' level and playing.  Jake and Sharrah are great at that.

Rawr! Get it, Sharrah!