I'm still here!

Well, that was a longer hiatus than I expected!  The last few weeks have been busy.  I had a business trip to Houston, then a really busy week at work preparing for a week of vacation, and then vacation.

We headed up to Mammoth last weekend with Rich's family.  I was a little nervous with how Will would do on the 6+ hour drive.  He slept for most of the drive (Praise Jesus!!).  We had driven around 4 1/2 hours, and he was getting a bit wiggly.  Actually, we all were.  We stopped at Carls Jr in Lone Pine mainly because it was right next to this beautiful park.  I've been going to Mammoth since I was a little girl, and I've always wanted to stop at this park.  It has a little creek running through it, and growing up I thought that would be the coolest.   You just don't have random creeks running through your backyard in San Diego.

It was a hot day, but with the shade and a good breeze, it felt glorious.  Will kept facing toward the wind, his hair blowing all about.  He loved it. Well, that and french fries :)

The water was a little cold, but he enjoyed it.

One of the newer things we've noticed about our boy is that he loves to wrestle.  In fact, its how he loves on us. He doesn't really cuddle much (only when really tired), but when he is really happy he crawls all over us, throws his body at us, and tries to nibble on us, although he doesn't quite know how strong his little chompers are!

LOVE this one. The wind in his hair, his little teeth, his giggle-face. Be still my heart.

Will did great on the drive.  He slept most of the way, and considering he was in his car seat for about 7 hours. It was a much needed vacation.  More pictures of our adventures this week!