Vacation: Fishing at Convict Lake

The boys said Convict Lake had just been stocked, and that dusk was a good time for the fish to bite, so we all headed out to the lake

Wes finally got to use his spider man fishing pole, which conveniently had a red fish already attached to the end of the line.  He figured out pretty quickly that Dad's fishing pole worked better.  After he helped reel in  a couple, he realized that throwing rocks in the water was far more enjoyable. :) Actually William thought the rocks were pretty cool too, because every time I turned around he was trying to eat them (notice the dirt around his face).

 Mmmm, rocks.
 He does this often, lifting up a hand and garbles something, like he's about to make a proclamation.  This picture captures it so well.

 I've noticed that when Wes gets excited, he spreads his fingers out.
 See his fingers again? Dad just caught a fish!