The Rose Family

It was HOT the day I met up with Ryan, Nicole and little Mary.  They were such good sports! Mary is just a month older than my boy, so it was fun to get a glimpse of what a one-year-old is like. 

Mom and Dad are baseball enthusiasts, so it was only fitting that Mary be decked out in her Padres gear.  They also brought along her police car, which, as you can tell, she LOVES.  Can I just say that I love it when families bring things that are special to them for a shoot?! It adds so much more the experience.

Ryan and Nicole - thanks for meeting me, even though we all left a sweaty mess!  Your family of three is the sweetest!

I thought bringing popsicles would be refreshing for Mary (heck, all of us!).  Mary was not a fan! I think it was too cold. I've never seen a child turn down a popsicle! Hilarious!

Making her daddy proud!
She was so excited to play with the ball!  I loved her expression, even with the ball blocking her face.


These next three crack me up. She wanted nothing to do with anyone. Only the fishy crackers. Thank the Lord for fishy crackers!