Happy Halloween!

Lots of good things are happening over here! November will be my busiest yet (HOORAY!), so I decided to upgrade my editing software (Lightroom).  It is amazing. I can't believe I didn't make the switch sooner.  I have spent a lot of time lately learning the program.  I am excited to see my workflow get more and more efficient = less time in front of my computer, and more time spent with my family.

Lately, there have been issues coming up at work.  Issues that literally happen to everyone, but for some reason, I was NOT handling them well.  And I knew it. I was frustrated with myself. I am a silly human who thinks I can do everything perfectly, and spent far too much time focusing on and worrying about things that I had absolutely no control over. A great friend recommended  I listen to this sermon and it was a huge turning point for me.  Are you a people-pleaser or a worrier? Click that link, my friend. Do it. It will change your perspective on the situation you are in. So FREEING!

What are you all doing for Halloween? What are you kids dressing up as? Will is an octopus.  And a pretty darn cute one.  See for yourselves :)


 He was chasing that cat around the whole time, trying to "hug" her.  Happy Halloween!