The Duron's

Remember when I mentioned the Christmas Special a couple months back? Well, it took place last weekend.  I was a little nervous with the timing.. only 20 minutes for each family, but it turned out really great! I liked the challenge and it forced me to be really specific and vocal in directing each family into the poses I wanted. I am really pleased with how it turned out, and so SO thankful and humbled by the sweet families that had me take their pictures!

First up, Emilio and Devinn.  I went to school with Emilio and most of his brothers, and played co-ed softball for a couple of years together (I'm praying for you Emilio...).  Since most of the sessions I'm doing right now are for the purpose of Christmas cards, I wont ruin the anticipation by sharing them, but here are some of my favorites with them and their pups.  Thanks again, Duron fam!