Ethan & Eva

Reasons why this session was awesome:
1. Ethan was excited to wear his "office outfit." He told me he's been wanting to wear it to school so he can get a girlfriend, but he hasn't yet. I told him that he should have his mom print some of these pictures in wallet size so he can hand them out ;)
2. Ethan and Eva are cousins, and they LOVE each other.  She laughs with him and he is silly with her. Perfection.
3. I took these for my co-worker, Debbie (she's grandma).  I showed up at her house, and we decided on where to take them, and then she left me alone with the kids. It was THE best!  Sometimes, kids get intimidated when mom or grandma are around, or only want mom, which makes it incredibly hard to get them to warm up to me.  After she left, I got to do my thing, and we just played.  Plus, it adds to the surprise for Debbie, because she had no idea what she was going to get.  
4. They had fun with me.  We played together. They liked my candy, and they listened. Fist pump for a great session!! 

 Seriously adorable.

 Blowing kisses :)

 Such cuties!
Ethan should TOTALLY be able to get a girlfriend with this one, am I right?!