The Carpenter/Werland/Delavar Family

When I was little, we lived in San Diego. My mom worked during the day and my dad would work graveyards so he could watch my sister, Jen and me during the day, and not have to pay for daycare.  He also watched my cousin Marissa.  We are 5 months apart, and were inseparable.  I have the fondest memories of spending time at her house, being the older cousin to her sister Alicia, and playing with all the neighborhood kids on Appleton St.  My cousin always had something fun planned. She is the adventurous one.  She likes to try new foods, and go to different places. I was always more cautious.  That's why I love her so much. I wanted to be around her all the time, and so it forced me to try new things also.  I'm sure I was annoying, but she never let on if I was :)

My cousin has moved a few different places, and now lives with her husband in New Mexico.  They came out for Christmas, and I was honored to be able to take some pictures of my family :) They are a big, blended family now, with lots of love.

The whole gang!

Marissa & Chris

They love their mama!
Brandon, Justin and Devin
My Uncle Mike and his girls!

I don't know who made them laugh, but thank you!! They both had the same response, and I caught it!

My pretty cousin Alicia with her boyfriend Connor.

Pretty sisters! Love them!