Happy Birthday DJ

Where there is dirt, you will typically find Will. Will and Presley were playing outside, while the rest of us were in the house.  It was oddly quiet, so I grabbed my camera and went looking.  My parents had a tree removed from their backyard recently, which left a large area of loose dirt. Dirty kids are happy kids.

We got together for my little sister's birthday. Danielle (we call her DJ) turned 22 back in February.  I have always had maternal feelings towards her I think because she is six years younger than me.  I am sure that was annoying to her, after all, she already has a mom, and another older sister, so she effectively had 3 "moms". As she has gotten older, those maternal feelings have shifted more towards sister-friend. She is driven, but not pushy.  I have always admired her for knowing who she is, even from such an early age.  She is not often swayed by other people.  She is kind, and gentle, and has a way with children that I could never understand.  She watches Will for me and is going to school to be a computer geek... I mean... she is studying computer science :) (love you Deej!). She is smart, talented, and loves on my little guy while I am at work, which I am forever grateful for.

Happy Birthday DJ! You are awesome and we LOVE YOU!