Connor, Class of 2014

I walked down the path to the beautiful ranch house at Leo Carillo Ranch, and I reminisced about my senior year of high school.  Connor is graduating from my alma mater (SM you KNOW!), and while my old high school looks completely different, I remember the all the excitement that pulses through your veins as a senior, especially in the last semester.  Connor is going away for college, and I remembered what that was like for me. Everything you've known for most of your life, all your routines, most friends, hang outs... they all change when you graduate. There is a new sense of freedom, but with is a huge responsibility.

Talking with Connor came pretty easy.  He's like an old soul.  He was humble, quiet, and I would bet he is one loyal friend.  I know that Connor will succeed, and I also know that he will fail, because moving out and growing up promises both. But I think his humbleness and loyalty will help him navigate those failures and successes with grace. It was great to get to know him, and I am excited to see him  conquer life.

Connor and his little sister, Rylie. She still has a few years left of high school. Life will be far different for her also!

I love the next few.  The 'tough guy' look comes so easily, so catching a few of him smiling and laughing was rewarding.  I'm pretty sure the question I asked him related to a girls :)

Connor is a talented baseball player, so it was only fitting to have him bring along his base ball gear.  I remember the guys who played ball in high school, and you could almost never find them without their hat.  What I find interesting is that each guy had a certain routine they followed when placing the hat on their head. Shimmy-ing it around for a good fit, pulling the brim up just a bit, smoothing the hair down in the back. Connor was no different.

Congratulations Connor!