4th Of July

Well, its only 2 weeks late, but I'm finally getting to these 4th of July photos.  Truth be told, I actually had these finished a while ago, but have had internet problems. Lots and lots of pictures here!

I love the way these turned out.  Scrolling through them just brings me right back to that day, and I love that. Family mixed with friends.  Yummy food.  LOTS of kids running around.  Great conversations.  It truly was  a perfect way to celebrate our country.

 Look how big baby Huck is!!!

 These three. Always in princess dresses! I can't wait to pull these out when they're teenagers.

 How awesome is that water-slide?! The kids absolutely loved it, although the older kids pretty much took it over.

 Miles and Will kept grabbing handfuls of that mac n cheese with hotdogs, or dipping chips in the salsa.  They are at the height now where they can reach.  And usually if one of them does it, the other is not far behind.  We're gonna be in trouble with those two!

 Treasuring this sweet photo of me and my boy!

 Brody has the sweetest dimples and is starting to give smiles.

Hope you all had equally enjoyable 4ths!