A baby for AJ & Tisha

Tisha and AJ live in Arizona, but love the beach. Tisha grew up around here, she and AJ were married in Carlsbad, and now, every chance they get, they come out to San Diego.  This time, they were celebrating their two year anniversary with a trip to Del Mar, and wanted to share their favorite place with their soon to be family of three.  And if their little girl is anything like her momma, she'll love the beach also. 

Baby girl Nelson is the first grandbaby/niece on both sides of the family, and they all already love her something fierce. It's funny, because as new parents, bringing  a new little one into the world, it obviously changes the parents.  Its expected.  But when its the first baby in the entire extended family, it changes them too.  Hearts swell, and love abounds. Grandpa's and uncles become softies, and grandma's and aunties dote on the baby's every need. Suddenly, there are extra blankets and baby toys, and rockers, at each of their houses. What a wonderful thing it is, to have a close, supporting family.  You and your baby girl are blessed, AJ & Tisha!