Monica & Pieter are having a baby

I love these two so much.  There is nothing better than when a photo session turns into a hour of hangin' out. Sometimes, sessions are awkward.   I get it. People have a hard time being in front of the camera, and so they do weird things with their smiles, and their bodies get rigid.  And usually, it takes a least 15 minutes for people to get comfortable, and open up, and act normal for me. I'm getting better at interacting with people, and pulling them out of the uncomfortableness (ya, i made that word up), but its usually always there for some time. 

Not with these two. It helps that Monica and Pieter are my cousins.  And we always have a good time together.  And Pieter is hilarious. 

Case and point : Pieter could not help himself when I was only taking pictures of Moni's cute tummy.  He thought a little sprig of wheat was just what the photo needed.


I am SO thrilled to meet baby Baker next month!  Love you guys!