Demo and Stucco

More demo! 

Looking into the spare bath
Gutted kitchen!

Huge closet to be master bathroom/closet

We have some reaaaally good friends who gave us a lot of their time!
This is Rich, under the house, grinding down and cutting out the old plumbing. Lots of sparks.

Oh hey, outside!
Such a busy little guy. Always trying to do something. :)

Framing in the new master bathroom door, and pocket door to the closet.

This is where the fireplace was.  We decided to put the toilet in that little niche.
Big corner shower
In the master closet, where the original door was.  We framed it up, and closed it off.
Hallway into the master.
We removed that huge window, and in its place, put a smaller window and a door.

Wall is gone!
Third bedroom and small half bath... all opened up.
No more closed off kitchen either!

We replaced all the windows. Some of the windows were odd shaped, and would have cost a small fortune to special order. Instead, we picked windows that were off the shelf at Home Depot, and reframed the windows, which also meant we needed to patch in the stucco.  My good friend and coworker's boyfriend does stucco, and he does a really great job. He was honest and told us what we really needed to replace, and what could wait. And basically, it all needed to be replaced.  It wasn't done correctly, and if we didn't replace it, it was a matter of time before we had water damage in the house... sooo we also re-stuccoed the house. 

Will was his just trying to help :) Look at those chubby cheeks! and his elbow dimples?!!