Dining Room Before & After

The next installment of our reno is the dining room. Lots of changes in this little room!
In case you missed the last one, you can find the living room here, and the kitchen here.

Kitchen off to the left, and half bath straight ahead.  How do you like the bars on the window??
Closet in said bedroom. It definitely was a bedroom, but she used it as a dining room.

I'm standing in the half bath taking this photo.  Doorway to the left goes in to the hallway to the back bedrooms, and doorway to the right is to the kitchen. Very closed in! 

Here, I'm standing in where the half bath was originally, which we turned into a small mud room/hallway to the garage.  OPEN!
Sanding in the hallway to the back bedrooms, looking into the dining room, and hey, there's the kitchen!
Standing in the living room, looking into the dining room.  OPEN! And the small mud room/hallway to the garage. We really love how this turned out. If you look up, you can see where we popped up the ceiling a bit, and added some crown. This little pop up adds so much height to the room. One of the best decisions we made! We did  similar pop up in the living room too.

This is fun for me, looking back at all the changes, and I hope its fun for you!  Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to the Women of Faith Conference this weekend, which means I'll be getting some girl time, and a little break from my kiddos!!!!!!! All the praise hands for that!