Kitchen Before & After

In case you missed it, see the living room here.
Next up, the kitchen!!
Here's the before layout again, to refresh your memory.

Looking towards the front door. The doorway to the left goes into bedroom number 1. 

Looking into the kitchen from the front entryway. Doorway straight ahead goes into the garage.
There was a little breakfast nook at the end of the kitchen.

We saved some of those knotty pine cabinets. I actually really love them. Now we use them for storage in the garage.

And, here is what we did to her..
From the front entry way, looking into the kitchen.  Door straight ahead leads into the pantry.
 Said pantry (Hi cute boy!!)

Copper sink, walnut butcher block counter tops.
Standing in what was the bedroom, and now is completely open, and turned into a bar/island.

I LOVE my cabinets. Love them. They do show dirt pretty easily because they are white. But, I still love them.
I also love this range. Funny story. We originally bought a standard range with the high back from Home Depot shortly after we bought the home. It was a nice range, but certainly not this nice, and really we didn't care that much. It sat in our garage for about 8 months before we were ready to put her in. And once we did, the back panel was taller than the bar by about 5 inches. :( Thank GOD, Home Depot returned the stove, even though it was far beyond the return timeline. I was on the hunt for another stove without the taller back panel, and as it turns out, the BASIC stoves like that start at $1300 (!!!!!). We found this one at Pacific Sales in the back warehouse, where they sell the old floor models and dinged up equipment. This one was an old floor model, which was $3400, but we got it for $1500. Boom! And, it is seriously awesome. A mistake I was very thankful for!