Ummm hi : Living Room Before & After

Wow. I truthfully did not expect to be gone that long. But then life happens, and you  have to cut things out that were taking up more time than you could give.  So a little 30 second update:
1. I am still taking pictures of people, and even some weddings!!!!
2. I had a baby. Most of you probably know that through Facebook and Instagram
3. We love our house
4. I left my job and for an infinitely more important one - staying home with my boys

I am hoping to be a little more frequent on here. There has been a lot of changes going on in my life (when is there not!) and I think writing them down will be a good form of therapy, and I think my family will appreciate it years from now.

Most of you remember we bought a house in 2013, took most of 2014 to renovate it, and now most of the way through 2015, I am finally getting around to hanging things on the walls! Say what?!!

I have a TON of pictures through the process, however, those seem a little silly to post now. Instead, I'd love to show you some before and after.  Here goes nothing. This was more or less how the house was laid out when we bought her.

And here are the before pictures. It is so crazy to look back through these. I forgot how much we changed!

Standing on the front porch, looking in. Kitchen to my left, extra room the to the right.
Doorway to the extra room on the left, front door, and on the other side of that wall to the right is bedroom 1.

And here is the layout after. I wish I had had a wider lens when I took these!! Oh well, you get the idea :)

Standing in the front doorway, looking in.

Large doorway to the extra room, gone.
Blurry, but the doorway to the master bedroom.
Weird half wall removed behind the front door.