The Barranon Family

Cyndi and Michael are friends of mine from high school.  Cyndi and I had a lot of classes together, and she was really smart, so I always knew I could go to her with my questions :).  I specifically remember her being really great at physics.  Why on earth would they offer that class to high schoolers?! I don't believe I was capable of making sense of that subject until I was at least 20. In general, math, chemistry, and biology came pretty easy to me.  They just all made sense and I was really interested in it. I figured I could handle AP Physics as a junior, because, you know, it was a science. That class gave me a swift kick in the rear. I'm LUCKY I received a C in that class, but at the time, as a straight A student, I was beside myself.  Cyndi did better than me in that class, but sitting next to her helped me get through it. She is kind, logical, and we shared the same humor.

It was so fun to catch up with her and Michael, and also to meet their new little one, Michael. He is such an expressive baby, my goodness!  I got more laughs going through all the pictures and seeing all the looks and smiles he had! He is a joy, and I know he brings so much happiness to his parents.

Henry Royce Visser

My friends welcomed their sweet baby BOY into the world on May 17th.  Little baby Henry shares the same birthday as his daddy.  What a great birthday present!

Those adorable side rolls!!!  Henry is not even chubby, either.  What a sweet photo of him and his mama.

Austin and Kylee's home is filled with unique mementos of their life.  Its almost like a museum, each item with a story of its own.  Kylee changes things out often also, so every time I go over there, there is something new to look at.  I love it! Their bookcase wall has always been a favorite of mine.  They must have a couple hundred children's books now. Both of Kylee and Austin's parents saved their childhood books for them, and they also received new books as a shower present.  I LOVE that they will be passing along so much history, in something simple as childhood books. I thought this shot would be a great one to look back on because I can only imagine how many time Henry will go to this book shelf and pick out a book for his parents to read him.  This will be a staple in his life.

Before they knew what they were having, they had decided on two names.  During one of our talks, I had told her that I had heard of a little boy Henry who's nickname was Huck, rather than the more common Hank.  To me, he will be Huck :). I love that one of the books displayed was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Also, we couldn't forget lamby, as he is quickly becoming Huck's little lovey.
I love them so much!! How sweet are they?!

Austin was back at work when I came by to take some pictures.  He came home from lunch to be apart of them.  I love that you can see the paint on his work shorts.  There is nothing like being rocked by daddy!
It is kind of hard to see here, but Huck has a little white patch of hair on the top of his noggin.  It's pretty adorable.

There is something really special about watching two people you love become parents.  My two friends have accepted this new responsibility with so much grace and humility. They are honest and authentic about the good things and the hard things. I am excited to be able to share this parenting journey with them. Love you guys!
 This last one represents the epitome of becoming a new parent.  Let the multi-tasking begin! Holding a sleeping baby and baby's musical lamby in one hand, and pouring a cup of coffee with the other. Once, while visiting our cousins in New York, I nursed an 8 month old William, while riding the subway, standing up.  We were in Brooklyn, the car was crazy packed, standing room only.  I put my back against one of the poles, widened my stance a bit, and made sure my nursing cover was in place.  Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Baby Brody

A few weeks after Brody was born, I snapped some pictures of my little nephew.  Even at three weeks old, he was the sleepiest baby! He was a dream.  Also, please take notice of the adorable nursery that my sister put together!!! I told you she had an eye for decorating! The pillows, bed spread, rug... all of it was an amazing little back drop.

Get ready for a whole lot of cuteness!

Look at his LIPS!!!
Presley in a princess dress, of course :)

!!!!!! Just too much for me to handle..

I love the next series of shots... Big sister Presley watching over him..

The day Brody was born

We all anxiously awaited the arrival of  my sister's little baby.  At Jen's 20 week anatomy scan, the technician found an oomphalocele on the baby's belly. Typically, that kind of defect is also coupled with other physical and genetic abnormalities. I remember my sister telling me about the phone call she received after the results from the ultrasound came back.  In tears, Jen, Daniel and I sat and prayed over that sweet baby.  Prayed, hard, that God would protect the baby, that the doctors would have all the information needed to proceed with care, and that Jen and Daniel would be strengthened and comforted as they walked a road unknown to them. 
They did a lot of testing, and watched the baby as it grew, and PRAISE JESUS, the doctors determined that there were no other defects, and that the size of the oomphalocele was fairly small. Still, the baby would need to have surgery within the first couple days of it's life. All so so scary and hard to process when you are still carrying the baby in your womb.
My sister was a champ.  She remained strong, calm, and graceful, which I know she attributes to God. Because of the potential complications and stress a vaginal birth can have on a wee babe, the doctors scheduled a c-section.

 Daniel texted my parents and I to come out into the hallway at 9:41 am.
 We all took guesses on what she was having. Most of us thought it would be a girl.  But to our surprise, it was a BOY!

 My sister's lips!
 Wheeling the baby into the NICU.

 They only allowed two people back in the NICU room.  My mom and I went in to find that Jen had just been wheeled in from her recovery.

 It was heavy, seeing him hooked up to everything.  And I even had the comfort of knowing that his defect wasn't that bad.  My heart broke for the other babies in the NICU, and their parents.

 Brody's sweet nurses.

His surgery went really well, and he is a healthy baby boy with a bellybutton :) I can only imagine the stories he'll make up as to how he got his scar.

Welcome to the world, Brody!! You are loved!

Chase is 3 months old!

I got to spend my morning with my friend Tiffany and her sweet little guy, Chase, last weekend.  After a big bottle, he was ready for some pictures. Happy 3 months, Chase! 

 Big blue eyes and RED hair!! Adorable!
 My favorite from the session.  I can practically see the love he has for his mama on his face!!

 Again, the ginger peach fuzz kills me!

Happy Friday everyone!!!