Paige is One, part 2!

Big parties can be overwhelming for a little one year old!  So Paige's mom, Brooke, and I thought a separate session for her one-year-old photos would be best.  And sure enough, she was much more comfortable in front of the camera with just her mama, grammy, and me.

She has such a sweet personality. She is cautious and caring.  She LOVES her mama!  She constantly reaches out for mama's finger, to bring her along to where ever Paige wants to go.  Once she finds her words, I fear the quiet moments will be few and far between for her parents.  Paige is so smart, and I love how Brooke knows exactly what her noises mean.  I have enjoyed getting know her better!

Here are some of my favorites.

Wes is 3!

The little boy who first made me an auntie, turned three last month.  I can't even handle the fact that he is THREE already. He is a sweet and sensitive little guy.  He picks up on the emotions in tone of your voice, and then wants to know what is going on. And he never forgets.  For example, the other day, my mother in law and I took the three boys (Wes, Miles, and Will) to Target.  I was driving the correct way down a one-way aisle, when all of the sudden, a car enters in the wrong way.  I said something like, "Really BRO?!" and Wes immediately stopped his convo with Linda, and asked, What's that car doooing, Tina? What's that man doooooing, Tina? I explained to him what had happened, and thought that was the end of it.  Nope!  We spent an hour in Target, and when we were walking back to our car, Wes asked again about the man in the car.  It baffles me, how aware he is of others emotions. Also, I'm glad that Really BRO is  all that came out of my mouth!

Wes, you are the sweetest, silliest little boy.  You have a tender heart, and a big one.  You are a great big cousin, and an even better big brother.  You love to be outside, doing what the guys are doing, and then a minute later, coming inside to check on your mommy.  I pray that God will use your sweet and caring heart to do BIG things for Him.  And I pray that you will never be ashamed or embarrassed of your heart. It has been an absolute joy to watch you grow these last three years!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Paige is One!

I was lucky enough to capture the birthday party of one special little girl a few weeks ago.  I wasn't surprised to see the many hand-crafted details by her mama and grandma; they've always been so creative!  From the cute little pumpkin bean bag toss, to the labels on the water bottles, every detail was thought of.

It was a lovely warm day, shared by a lot of people who love Paige.  I was thrilled to be apart of it. Happy Birthday Paige!