2015 Christmas Minis!

I am offering Christmas mini's again this year! Last year booked up INCREDIBLY fast, so don't wait!

Here's the details:
- 20 minutes of shooting for $75
- An 8x10 print of your favorite photo from the session, because if you're anything like me, you never print photos for yourself!
- max of 4 people (have another family member? No problem! Each additional person is $10)
- You'll receive 15-20 high resolution pictures in an online, downloadable Pixieset Gallery.
- There are two dates available: Sunday, November 1st and Saturday, November 14th. Both sessions  at park in North County, San Diego.

The discount does not apply to standard family portrait sessions.  They must be booked on the day specified above.  Email me at cmclennanphoto@yahoo.com to book your spot, and I will send you all the information.

And here are a few from last year :)

Baby Brody

A few weeks after Brody was born, I snapped some pictures of my little nephew.  Even at three weeks old, he was the sleepiest baby! He was a dream.  Also, please take notice of the adorable nursery that my sister put together!!! I told you she had an eye for decorating! The pillows, bed spread, rug... all of it was an amazing little back drop.

Get ready for a whole lot of cuteness!

Look at his LIPS!!!
Presley in a princess dress, of course :)

!!!!!! Just too much for me to handle..

I love the next series of shots... Big sister Presley watching over him..

Connections and Confidence

I met Marie and Emma by way of referral from a great lady. Emma needed some fun headshots that showed more of her personality.  As usual, the pictures that end up being my favorite are the unplanned.  The spontaneous. The ones that capture real life.  

I realized quickly that  Emma has a quiet sweetness about her that made me want to know what she was thinking.

That green sparkly dress is Emma's favorite.  She calls it her Little Mermaid dress.  What little girl doesn't love to twirl in a pretty dress?! I can still remember as a little girl, twirling in my favorite dress, and how it made feel pretty and lady-like, and that I was special. 

About halfway through our session, Emma told me she was bored. I loved that she told me that. And, really, I couldn't blame her.. Taking pictures for an hour, after she'd been in school all day, should be boring for a 5 year old. So, it pushed me to be more playful with her, to see what she likes.

The sun was setting, and we were finishing up. Emma ran over to this sculpture and poked her head up through it.  She looked at me and said, "Let's pretend that I am in middle school and my friends are mad at me."  I could tell that she thought being that age was cool, and in her mind, that was the type of thing middle-schooler's dealt with.

I asked how that would make her feel, and she said, sad. And then she gave me this face.

I know these last two aren't really what I had in mind to capture for "fun headshots" but they are special to me. I remember being younger and day-dreaming about what it must be like to be a Junior-higher. The cute clothes, the cool kids.. the boys. How much more freedom I'd have, and what fights would look like. My time with Emma surprised me because I was not expecting to be able to relate to her. It's crazy what a hour alone with someone without distractions can do (i.e. my husband, my son, my phone..).

But, I did relate to her, and I think she sensed that, because as she skipped along-side her mom, on the way back to their car, I heard Emma ask her mom, "Can we play with her again soon, Mom?"

And then my heart beamed.  And I remembered about all the times throughout our time together where I was a little uncomfortable, or questioned my ability.. was the light right? Would I be able to deliver pictures that mom had in mind or that she was used to getting with her regular photographer?

My confidence grew a little that day.  But mostly, I was grateful that I even get to do this at all. I'm realizing that for me, its less about the pictures, and more about the connection.  Well, the pictures obviously are important, but the comfort and ease that comes from a great connection makes for better pictures than I could have planned on. Sometimes it takes a little more work, but there's always some connection to be had, and seeing the pictures that come from it is more rewarding than I imagined.

Ethan & Eva

Reasons why this session was awesome:
1. Ethan was excited to wear his "office outfit." He told me he's been wanting to wear it to school so he can get a girlfriend, but he hasn't yet. I told him that he should have his mom print some of these pictures in wallet size so he can hand them out ;)
2. Ethan and Eva are cousins, and they LOVE each other.  She laughs with him and he is silly with her. Perfection.
3. I took these for my co-worker, Debbie (she's grandma).  I showed up at her house, and we decided on where to take them, and then she left me alone with the kids. It was THE best!  Sometimes, kids get intimidated when mom or grandma are around, or only want mom, which makes it incredibly hard to get them to warm up to me.  After she left, I got to do my thing, and we just played.  Plus, it adds to the surprise for Debbie, because she had no idea what she was going to get.  
4. They had fun with me.  We played together. They liked my candy, and they listened. Fist pump for a great session!! 

 Seriously adorable.

 Blowing kisses :)

 Such cuties!
Ethan should TOTALLY be able to get a girlfriend with this one, am I right?!


Brianna & Easton

I just adore this session.  The colors turned out SO beautiful, and I love the feel of each photo. How cute are these kids?! Brianna was a little model, and was so easy to photograph! Easton had lots of energy, so I pretty much just followed him around and snapped away.  Those always end up being my favorites - the ones where you have no idea how they are going to turn out, and when I got home and looked at them on my computer I was so so excited!  

Austin & Bryce

Silly brothers are the best kind. 

Here are a few of my favorite from our session.  There are actually many more, but they are Christmas-card worthy, and I don't want to steal their thunder :)  


Austin and Bryce's grammie, Lori, holds a dear place in my heart.  She has the gift of hospitality like no one I have ever known.  I used to house sit for her, and I always looked forward to it.  Staying at her house was like staying at a bed and breakfast! And, she would leave me care packages!! So thoughtful.  Lori just started a party planning and styling business.  Check her out! She's amazing. 

Paige is One, part 2!

Big parties can be overwhelming for a little one year old!  So Paige's mom, Brooke, and I thought a separate session for her one-year-old photos would be best.  And sure enough, she was much more comfortable in front of the camera with just her mama, grammy, and me.

She has such a sweet personality. She is cautious and caring.  She LOVES her mama!  She constantly reaches out for mama's finger, to bring her along to where ever Paige wants to go.  Once she finds her words, I fear the quiet moments will be few and far between for her parents.  Paige is so smart, and I love how Brooke knows exactly what her noises mean.  I have enjoyed getting know her better!

Here are some of my favorites.

A deal for the Christmas Season!

It's Monday! Guys, Christmas is 78 days away!!! Which means, you have about 65 days left to send out your Christmas cards.  You know, the cute ones with a picture of your family.  I LOVE getting those!

This time of year can be stressful enough, with Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, and Christmas activities. To make your life easier, I'm offering a deal on family pictures this season.

Here's the details:
- 20 minutes of shooting for $45 (doesn't break the bank, and will be quick enough to ensure Dad and the little people won't get bored)
- max of 4 people (have another family member? No problem! Each additional person is $15)
- You'll receive a minimum of 20 high resolution pictures, on a CD, within one week (includes a print release).
- All sessions will take place a park in North County, San Diego.

Spaces are limited, so don't wait!  Email me at cmclennanphoto@yahoo.com to book your spot.  The first day will be October 26th.  The second day to sign up for is November 16th.
UPDATE: I apologize for the confusion!  The special price will only be available on the two days listed above. Book now to secure your appointment!

I can't wait to meet you and your families!!

And, because I feel weird not posting any pictures, here's a few from a quick family session I did for my aunt and uncle and their family.

Van & Gwen

I met up with these two and their mom at a local park.  On  the short walk over to the area I wanted to take pictures at, Van was performing his best transformer techniques, occasionally letting us know he had just morphed into a tiger from a truck.  Gwen, or more affectionately known as Sister, was trying her best to keep a grasp on each of the five baby dolls in her arms, all while pushing her baby stroller. I love how in almost all of the pictures, Sister is carrying at least one of her beloved baby dolls.  Van has an incredible amount of different facial expressions.  He LOVED showing them to me :)

I think these pictures are a fabulous representation of who they are. I enjoyed this session SO much!

Interested in a Children Session? I'd love to work with you! Go here for more info!

Wes & Miles

I rented a lens a couple of weeks ago (oh, 28-70mm f/2.8, I love you!) and wanted to get some practice with it, so I headed over to my sister-in-law's and took some pictures of her boys.  When I got there, Miles was asleep, and Wes was playing outside in his pool.  I LOVE this series of photos. I simply sat back, and took pictures.  No giving directions, no 'look here, Wes!' or 'say CHEEEEESE!', I just observed their interactions. I hope this will be a sweet memory for them!

 Recognize this little cutie?  This is Miles, and he is also in the picture I chose for my header.  That picture is one of my absolute favorite pictures that I have ever taken. 

This next set is more directed.  It is a couple weeks past the 4th (we're still in July, so it totally counts, right?!), but here are the boys in their 4th of July clothes. 
 Eagerly awaiting an otter pop!

Love them!!