DIY : Bandanna Bib

I love to make things. A lot. And all kinds of things.  I LOVE craft supplies. For some reason, if I see something online or in a store that I think I could make, I would much rather make it than buy it.  So, I hoard craft supplies so I can make whatever I fancy :)  I would like to point out that I am NOT a seamstress! Most of my stuff is what I like to call "one of a kind" because there are mistakes.  But, I'm okay with that! There are others out there who are way more gifted than I am when it comes to sewing.

The interweb is vast, so I am sure there is already something like this out there.  I thought of making a bib using a bandanna a couple of months ago.  Because of my craft-supply hoarding, I already had everything, except for the bandannas, which I purchased in a two-pack from Target for $4. 

Here's what you'll need:
fabric for back
Typical sewing supplies: scissors, thread, sewing machines, pins etc.

1. Cut the bandanna to your desired size. I held up my bandanna to my son's neck and just haphazardly measured. It wasn't perfect (FYI - bandannas are not perfect, nor square), but I think they measured about 11" on each side.  I used a rotary cutter, which made cutting through all 4 bandannas a breeze. Each bandanna yields two bibs.
** I recommend to cut the area around the neck into more of a scoop, instead of leaving it straight.  I realized this the hard way.... If left straight, it tends to bunch up a lot around the neck and will likely come up and cover your baby's chin.. not idea!**

2. Cut the batting and back material.

3. Pin the pieces together. I layered the pieces like so (top to bottom): bandanna material, backing material, batting. Pin the right sides (or the sides of the material you want to show on the outside when finished) together, because you will be pulling this inside out. 

4. Sew a straight line :) I had about 1/4" seam allowance. I left an opening of about 4" so I could pull the inside out.  I wanted the edges of the finished product to have a clean line.

5. Pull inside out. You can see on the pic below the unfinished and open area.

6. Iron the edges. Ironing makes the seams cleaner.

7. Fold the 4" inch open area in, pin, and sew around the parameter of the bib. I folded the edges in about 1/4" and then pinned them in place (see the pic below). I again used 1/4" seam allowance when sewing around the edges. 

8. Pin the Velcro in place.  Use the loop side (the rougher kind of Velcro) away from where it will be worn.  That way it won't irritate your little one's skin. Sew into place.

And boom! Finished product!  I hope that all makes sense :) I was doing multiple bibs so it took me a bit longer, but this is easily a nap-time project. Again, not perfect, but I am perfectly happy with the way it turned out.

And here's my little guy wearing his new bib.  I think he looks just adorable! (look close and you can see all of his teeth i.e. the reason he needed new bibs in the first place. Dude is a drool-machine!)