Bill & Kristina Part 2

Thanks for coming back to see part 2 of Bill and Kristina's engagement session. After little outfit change, we went exploring more of Balboa Park.

Bill's smile with his girl at his side says it all. Perfection!

Seriously. Get out of here! So fierce.


I had so much fun with you two. I can't wait for your wedding!!!

Bill & Kristina Part 1

It's pretty amazing how God writes our stories, isn't it? Kristina and I were good friends in high school.  She has a fun, energetic and playful personality.  She drew me out of my seriousness and brought me along on her fun adventures.  Her parents were fun, she had a rad house to hang out in, and she was a good friend. Then, our older siblings started dating. Kristina is now my sister in law, by marriage.
After we graduated, we both went our separate ways with school.  We stayed in touch through family get-togethers. I remember the day when Kristina told me she had met up with Bill, and that they had been hanging out. And, I remember thinking that he could be the one for her.  We all went to high school together, but Bill hung out with different people.  I have run into him a few times since we graduated, and each time, he was so genuine and easy to talk to.  I have always remembered him to be a good guy, honest, caring, and a hard worker.
I could tell that Bill fell hard for my friend from the very beginning.  The way he would watch her from across the room, and be protective over her.  He let her know how he felt.  I'm fairly certain that Bill is different than most of the guys Kristina has dated, and I could tell because Kristina acted different with him.  She was more confident. She was happy. She was  more of herself than I think I've ever seen her be before.
Fast forward a couple of years, and Bill swooped in and took this girl off the market for good! It's an amazing feeling to know that your friend is loved.  Its amazing to watch it unfold before your very eyes. Bill LOVES Kristina better than anyone I have ever seen.  Bill, thank you for making my friend happier, and more of herself than I have ever known her to be! You two were completely created for each other, and I am so thrilled to be apart of that in some way. 
Now, to the pictures.  Kristina is amazingly photogenic, and because of their amazing chemistry, I have a LOT of pictures to share.  Here's part one!


Stay tuned for Part 2 on Friday!!