A baby for AJ & Tisha

Tisha and AJ live in Arizona, but love the beach. Tisha grew up around here, she and AJ were married in Carlsbad, and now, every chance they get, they come out to San Diego.  This time, they were celebrating their two year anniversary with a trip to Del Mar, and wanted to share their favorite place with their soon to be family of three.  And if their little girl is anything like her momma, she'll love the beach also. 

Baby girl Nelson is the first grandbaby/niece on both sides of the family, and they all already love her something fierce. It's funny, because as new parents, bringing  a new little one into the world, it obviously changes the parents.  Its expected.  But when its the first baby in the entire extended family, it changes them too.  Hearts swell, and love abounds. Grandpa's and uncles become softies, and grandma's and aunties dote on the baby's every need. Suddenly, there are extra blankets and baby toys, and rockers, at each of their houses. What a wonderful thing it is, to have a close, supporting family.  You and your baby girl are blessed, AJ & Tisha! 

Monica & Pieter are having a baby

I love these two so much.  There is nothing better than when a photo session turns into a hour of hangin' out. Sometimes, sessions are awkward.   I get it. People have a hard time being in front of the camera, and so they do weird things with their smiles, and their bodies get rigid.  And usually, it takes a least 15 minutes for people to get comfortable, and open up, and act normal for me. I'm getting better at interacting with people, and pulling them out of the uncomfortableness (ya, i made that word up), but its usually always there for some time. 

Not with these two. It helps that Monica and Pieter are my cousins.  And we always have a good time together.  And Pieter is hilarious. 

Case and point : Pieter could not help himself when I was only taking pictures of Moni's cute tummy.  He thought a little sprig of wheat was just what the photo needed.


I am SO thrilled to meet baby Baker next month!  Love you guys!

Baby Visser

I remember going on a walk with Kylee last fall, around Lake Hodges, and her telling me that she and Austin had decided to wait to get pregnant.  She had just taken a new job, and didn't feel it was the right timing. 

"Many are the plans of a person's heart, but its the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

And prevail, He did. Just a few weeks later, she told me she was pregnant. She was such a HUGE support for me during my pregnancy and new-motherhood.  I was elated for her, and excited at the opportunity to give some of that support back. 

Kylee and Austin decided to be surprised on their baby's birthday with the gender. I love how neutral the baby nursery is! 

I love their silhouettes in the window.

How great does she look?! She was just a couple weeks away from her due date when we took pictures.

Love LOVE love you friend!  So so excited for you and this journey you're about to start on. You and Austin will be the BEST parents!!!

Jen's Maternity

Playing a bit of catch-up here. Some of you may already know that my sister, Jen, had her baby already, but I had to share some pictures from her pregnancy... after all, it will be her last, and she was just too radiant to NOT share them.

Jen and I are four years apart. Those four years seemed like decades when we were young.  But once she was in college, and I was in high school, the distance started closing. As we got older, our friendship grew stronger.  She is so creative.  She has a knack for picking out the best prints, and her vision for a room is amazing.  My people pleasing ways usually hold me back from speaking up, even if what I want to say is gentle and honest.  Not Jen. I have always admired how she stands up for herself and others around her.  She tells it like it is, and she knows what she wants. As someone who is always mulling around feelings and shoulds and shouldn'ts in my head, she is refreshing. I always know where I stand.

Get outta here! How gorgeous is she?!

I love this next series of her and Presley.  As she's gotten older, P is very independent (like mother, like daughter!!!).  She isn't really into snuggling much anymore, so capturing a few of them together was really special.

Beautiful, right? What you don't see in this picture are Presley and Will running around like crazy people behind me :)

Love that last one!!

And I had to share a couple of Will. Notice the dirt on his face? He had been rolling around in it while I was snagging pictures of my sis... what ever keeps him happy so I can shoot! :)