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They are just the common things and maybe I don’t even know they are gifts really until I write them down and that is really what they look like. Gifts He bestows. This writing it down - it is sort of like, unwrapping love.
— Ann Voskamp.

Writing it down, or in this case, photographing it. Unfortunately, our memories aren't always the truth. Unless we have a photograph, we mold our memories of those first days of bringing home baby into a mix of what we want them to be and stories of what others tell us. And so many of those little details get lost. That's why I love to capture newborns during in-home sessions. I get preserve those memories for you. The first house you brought baby home to. ALL the baby gear you need (or thought you did!). The cups of water and hidden snacks everywhere, because a nursing mama needs to be prepared. Along with those detail shots, I will also focus on you, your partner and your new little one. The collection of photos I provide you will make for a perfect photo album of this time in your life.

Newborn sessions start at $350.  These are in-home, lifestyle sessions.  After your session, you will receive approximately 50-60 high resolution, edited jpeg images with a print release, in an online gallery where you can download your images.

Portrait sessions start at $350, and are one hour at a location of your choice in San Diego County. You will get a mix of posed and candid photos for your family (immediate, up to 6 people), maternity, engagement. After your session, you will receive approximately 30-40 high resolution, edited jpeg images with a print release, in an online gallery where you can download your images. 

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time for our session?

For portrait sessions, I love to shoot just before sunset. It's my fav! But if that doesn't work for your little one, I'm flexible.  For Newborn Sessions, those are typically in the morning. That's when the light is best indoors.

My child is difficult/sassy/has allergies/hates strangers. Can you deal with that?

Yep! In fact, I love 'difficult' kids because there's always a nervousness leaving the session if we got any good photos when they are having a hard time. BUT, I've never had a session turn out terribly. I am always happy with the photos I receive after. If there's one thing I can stress with parents, its this: please don't stress out over how your child is acting! They have no idea what is going on, and there's a new lady waving a big black thing around, and they are being bossed around. Telling your child to smile and do this or do that will make my job, of capturing authentic photos of you and your family, SO much harder. Trust me! I have littles. I know what it's like, when they lose their minds over ridiculous things. So, just relax, try to enjoy the moment, and know that its only an hour, and you WILL have amazing photos of your family when we're done!

Do you direct us?

Absolutely. I'll tell you want to do, where to look, what to do with your hands. All of it. You will get some great family photos, the ones mom and dad like where everyone is looking, but you'll also get candid photos. Photos of the sweet details you don't want to forget. Photos of your family having fun. So, Mom and Dad, get ready to have fun!

When will I receive my photos?

You will receive your images 7-10 days after your session.


Yes! You can print and share as much or as little as you want.

Can we order prints/Canvases/Albums through you?

Yes, and I would be happy to sit down with you and help you figure out the best product for your space. Please contact me for more info and pricing!