Hi there! 

I'm Christina and I'm a photographer in San Diego, California.  I'm a wife and mom of two boys (and another baby on the way!!), whom I photograph a lot. Wife and mother. Two identities I've never been more challenged, thankful, loved, and raw in. I think that's why I love photographing families and weddings, because I can relate to them in such an intimate way, and yet, it's a different experience for everyone. I'm a sentimental girl. I love how the smell of fresh cut grass brings me back to my high school football-cheering nights. Or feeling the slight crispness and chill in the air when Summer heat turns to Fall (I know. I live in SoCal. But I swear, it happens!!). I love the way beautiful light in photos leaves me feeling nostalgic. I believe being authentic is pure gold, and I love using light to showcase those connections in beautiful photos. I am not perfect, and I don't strive for that in my photos either. In fact, I believe the imperfections are what make your photos unique and more memorable to you.

These things are my jam: My husband, my boys, Mexican candy, projects (lately, ones that I can finish in a day. I need the gratification!!), Poke, lipsticks (thanks little sis!), the ocean, camping, Stranger Things, peach pie, Saturday mornings working in the yard with my boys and my man, Zours, pretty light, childhood, spicy chips, and rap music. 

I'd be honored to be apart of your memorable moments, and I look forward to hearing from you! Write me a note here.